AcceleTrial™ FAQs

    What is AcceleTrialTM?

 AcceleTrialTM is a cloud-based Study Start-Up System (SSUS) that enables sponsors to streamline and automate the study start-up process. Every aspect of the clinical trial start-up process can be managed within AcceleTrialTM, and viewed in real-time by all members of the sponsor’s team.

    What differentiates the AcceleTrialTM database from other investigator databases?

 Our Research Site Index (RSI)-backed database has more than 100,000 qualified investigators (Doctors) globally, and each is ranked objectively. LINEA System does not offer “sponsored ranking” or for investigators to receive preferential rankings. When you use AcceleTrialTM, you know that you’ve got access to qualified and dedicated investigators, which directly results in a more successful and seamless trial.

    What is the onboarding process for new clients like?

 AcceleTrialTM is an intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based solution, and gives real-time access to all team members anywhere in the world. LINEA System has dedicated client liaisons throughout the onboarding process and the start-up itself. These liaisons can personally provide support and answer questions and help with any troubleshooting.

    Can I add my investigator(s) to your database?

 Absolutely, any investigators that a sponsor would like to participate in their clinical trial can be uploaded to the AcceleTrialTM database. LINEA System can rank and prioritize these investigators and sites for the sponsor. 

    Does AcceleTrialTM integrate with other systems?

 Yes, the application can connect via API.

    Is AcceleTrialTM able to do bulk downloads of documents?

 Yes, bulk downloads are possible. The application is designed to be seamless and as accessible for sponsors as possible.

    Can I customize the AcceleTrialTM platform?  

 Yes, our client liaisons can work with each sponsor’s team to ensure AcceleTrialTM is customized for their specific needs.

    What are the therapeutic areas represented in the database?

 AcceleTrialTM gives a sponsor access to expert investigators in virtually all therapeutic areas.

    How often is the data updated and refreshed?

The data for our Research Site Index (RSI) - the built-in AcceleTrialTM investigator database - is refreshed on a monthly basis and can be done in real-time when requested.

    Does AcceleTrialTM offer recruitment management with sites that are struggling?

 LINEA System can provide the service of site identification and feasibility where we are responsible for contacting the sites and obtaining feasibility. Our team provides the clinical team the validated feasibility questionnaires. The goal is to get the right sites identified first and activated quickly to get access to their patients and fast-track patient recruitment.

    What are the platform’s success metrics?

 When using AcceleTrialTM, sponsors can expect to see an improvement in the time it takes to

  • Generate a targeted site list
  • Collect Feasibility Questionnaires from investigators
  • Identify sites that are ultimately selected for the trial from those initially targeted
  • Complete activities within the start-up process and move on to the next

     We use a CTMS, why would we integrate AcceleTrialTM?

AcceleTrialTM's  capabilities precede the functionality and purpose of a CTMS. AcceleTrialTM identifies the right sites and activates the sites to speed study start-up, whereas a CTMS helps a sponsor monitor the activities and progress of a study that has already launched. If you are already using a CTMS, you can easily integrate AcceleTrialTM seamlessly via an API.

    We use a CRO currently, how would we integrate AcceleTrialTM?

Any CRO can employ AcceleTrialTM to find the right sites, conduct feasibility, and activate sites to speed the start-up of a sponsor’s study. AcceleTrialTM has objective investigator and site data and an automated workflow to drive activation, which can save significant time and reduce cost. It can provide sponsors and CROs with transparency and effective collaboration needed to manage the start-up process.