Site Identification

While proper Site Identification is one of the most important considerations when planning for effective study execution, it is often executed based on subjective, anecdotal data (e.g. we’ve worked with these sites in the past, so we think that they’ll be a good fit for our upcoming study), rather than objective, ranked sites based on the protocol-specific criteria, including such critical items such as access to diverse and/or rare patient populations, to effectively select the “right” sites. No sponsor or site wants to fail, and an objective process, based on data and analytics, is the key to avoiding failure. Our Research Site Index (RSI) tool was developed to objectively identify and match those sites that have the expertise, experience, and access to the specific potential patients that your protocol is designed for. The result is identifying and initiating the right sites, while ultimately saving time, money, and frustration for sponsors and sites, alike.

 Site Feasibility

Once we have identified potential sites for participation, it is critically important to gauge their interest, as well as ensure that they are a good fit for the study. Prior to LINEA System, sites were frustrated due to having to relay the same information, over and over, even when the same sponsors were involved. In addition to site frustration, the information that was provided was often inaccurate and incomplete, as sites were simply rushing to get through the process. LINEA has resolved that issue, which not only puts an end to site frustration but results in high-quality sites that match the sponsor’s study/protocol needs.

Utilizing our proprietary technology, AcceleTrial®, the entire process is made easy and effective for sites and sponsors. Any feasibility information, which may have been previously collected by sites, is pre-populated, and can simply be updated, as needed, based on any changes that the sites need to make. This is much easier for sites, and they are very happy to properly go through the feasibility process by using our site-friendly technology. And, Sponsors can view the information in a real-time environment, which not only keeps the process moving but eliminates the need for CRAs and Sponsors to search out emails to find out where sites are in the process. AcceleTrial’s built-in event-driven technology alerts CRAs/Sponsors of items that are ready for review and/or next steps.

Increase trial and site start-up efficiency and effectiveness by letting us do the “heavy lifting”, while eliminating excessive emails, spreadsheets and redundancy