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How To Optimize Study Start-up in a Virtual World

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Does your clinical team struggle with the speed of site identification and patient recruitment? It’s probably because you’re using the common outdated approach to finding and vetting quality sites. Not to mention the massive disruption this year from COVID-19.

You can dramatically speed up your trial start-up timeline by up to 50% when you adopt a real time approach to finding vetted sites with qualified patients for your trial.

We brought in expert Kari Brown, along with other stakeholders in the clinical trial field to discuss the challenges and opportunity, and share their insights on the best options for a solution.

Key Insights You’ll Learn

  • How clinical site staff and patients have responded to the impact of COVID-19 
  • How sponsors can adapt for the future of clinical research 
  • How to find new site opportunities with quality patients
  • Challenges and benefits of remote trials

Expert Speakers:

Kathleen Colatrella

Host: Kathleen Colatrella
Founder & President of LINEA System

Kari Brown Linkedin Thumbnail

Guest Speaker: Kari Brown
Director of Clinical Operations at DZS Clinical Services

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