Our Mission

Through our founding team’s combined decades in the pharmaceutical industry, we saw a monumental problem in the way clinical trials are launched.


During our time in the industry, we experienced significant delays and added costs due to a fundamental flaw in the approach of launching clinical trials within clinical study sites. We believe this process could be much more streamlined and efficient. These delays impact stakeholders across the board, but our main concern was the patients who await access to life-changing treatments and medicines. 

We knew that there was a simpler and smarter way to efficiently conduct clinical trial start-up within clinical study sites and optimize that stage so patients can access trials faster. We created AcceleTrial®, our Study Start-Up System (SSUS), with the goal of drastically reducing trial start-up time and expense by perfecting site identification, site feasibility, and site activation. In the few years since we’ve launched, AcceleTrial® has been proven to dramatically reduce the time of what most sponsors and CROs do manually in clinical study sites

The world is quickly changing, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Our Study Start-up System (SSUS) will help clinical trial teams adapt to an increasingly virtual world and contribute to a digital revolution and creating a connected experience. My team and I are excited about the progress AcceleTrial® has already made, and we’re even more excited to look ahead to the future and see how clinical trials across the industry can be transformed within clinical study sites.

- Kathleen Colatrella, Founder and President