About Us

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials
through the Power of Innovative Technology  


LINEA System is a leader in helping accelerate clinical trials by leveraging data and automated technology in a completely new way. We specialize in clinical study site and investigator identification, feasibility, and trial activation.

Our cloud-based Study Start-Up System (SSUS), AcceleTrial™, enables sponsors to streamline and automate the study start-up process to drastically reduce the launch time of clinical trials and patient recruitment. When you identify the right investigators and clinical study site first, your trial begins faster and critical medicine gets to patients who need it most. 

AcceleTrial™ provides sponsors with the most comprehensive database of expert investigators and sites, with over 100,000 global investigators that specialize in a diverse range of therapeutic areas and indications. Our SSUS has an automated workflow that works to enable sponsors to focus more time and resources on what really matters – advancing patient care.

clinical study site

 We intimately understand the inter-dependencies of all the moving parts in the clinical trial process. Our solution provides our clients a competitive advantage in advancing clinical trial launch and perfecting the site identification to quickly get access to patients. With our clinical study site we bring the table data driven analytics, business process mapping and modeling, site intelligence, smart workflows and integration with solutions intended to help advance the site identification, feasibility and activation process.




Our Story


LINEA System was founded to be a clinical study site that provides a service that is urgently needed in the pharma industry: recruiting the right sites to meet patient recruitment targets in the clinical trials. I have spent my working career in life sciences – much of it in drug development running the clinical trials. I started LINEA System by drawing from my own clinical experience and first-hand challenges with patient recruitment and clinical trial startup.

Our first patient recruitment project was granted by a small biotech wherein we referred patients to sites supporting a pivotal trial. This experience was successful, but we realized that no matter how many patients we recruited, we still needed quality sites to enroll them. Thus, we decided to focus our services on identifying and activating highly qualified sites by leveraging big data and technology. From this extensive research and a major software development project, emerged a powerful system that objectively identifies the right sites and eases the activation process, AcceleTrialTM.

Typically in the start-up process, a clinical study site and the data is static and unreliable because it is self-identified and thus subjective. Self-identified data leads to gaps in results and disappointment later in the trial. What if you could go further with data quality and gaining intelligence on the sites that would take the guesswork out of the site’s ability to contribute to patients? That is exactly what we did, and we’ve perfected site identification and activation by creating our Study Start-Up System AcceleTrialTM.

- Kathleen Colatrella, Founder & President