Protocol Feasibility

In a rapidly changing healthcare industry, protocol feasibility is important when standard of care and treatment protocols shift to meet patients’ unmet needs. Our approach to conducting protocol feasibility  in real time, against real world circumstances helps teams align requirements

Powered by our platform  ACCELETrialwe confirm the trial design is optimal to execute within targeted regions and patient availability. Following a successful protocol feasibility study, the trial planning phase is preferably started. This is when the solutions and support for the trial’s requirements are created.

 Site Identification and Site Feasibility

Data analytics is LINEA’s cornerstone to site identification. Identifying the right sites to contribute patients is powered by LINEA’s Research Site Index (RSI). The RSI is the engine that objectively matches highly ranked sites with expertise, experience, and access to patients to contribute to the trial in a significant way.

LINEA’s Medical Research Analysts know how to manage site feasibility by engaging vetted sites to ensure their understanding of trial requirements and confirming the site’s access to the patient population of interest. Assessing the Principal Investigator’s interest in the trial and facilitating the execution of a CDA and a Feasibility Questionnaire is what our MRAs do exceptionally well and 50% faster than most teams.

 Patient Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges that any clinical trial leader  or sponsor will face is in identifying patients to participate in their trials.  Effectively launching your trial with the right sites is an excellent start. Sponsors can maximize the recruitment effort of sites with our unique campaign driven solution designed to accelerate your patient recruitment. Our campaigns can target physicians to refer patients or identify patients directly. LINEA understands the dynamics of forums and communities which can be leveraged to identify suitable patients for a trial. Our aim is to help clinical teams start their trials with patient recruitment already realized.