AcceleTrial™ takes the guesswork out of clinical trial site identification and activation. Our Study Start-Up System (SSUS) is based on the foundation of objective data and not self-identification.  AcceleTrial™ gives you a database of thousands of sites globally that are ranked and indexed on the basis of:

  • Objective Site-specific Therapeutic Expertise
  • Objective Site-specific Clinical Trial Experience
  • Objective Patient Data

Key Benefits

Objectively pair the right sites globally with objective data on expertise, experience and patients to your clinical trials

Expediently launch the right sites to begin enrolling patients using AcceleTrial™ automated “push and pull” structure presented in multiple languages

Accurately collect required documents using pre-filled templates and track activities in real-time

Immediately start using system – cloud-based solution requiring minimal IT set-up or training

Simply integrate AcceleTrial™ with CTMS or other clinical trial systems

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