About Us

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials
through the Power of Innovative Technology


LINEA System is a Clinical Services/Technology company specializing in applying data intelligence and cutting edge technology to revolutionize clinical trials. Our goal is to provide clients with high quality, cost-effective and competitive solutions that help advance clinical trials. To achieve this goal, we leverage our collective experience in drug development, clinical, analytics, data intelligence and advanced technology for clinical trial solutions.
Our team consists of individuals who have managed the same challenges healthcare teams are facing today. We have managed priority projects at many organizational levels and in various therapeutic area.


We intimately understand the interdependencies of all the moving parts in the clinical trial process. Our solution provides our clients a competitive advantage in advancing clinical trial launch and perfecting the site identification to quickly get access to patients. It brings to the table data driven analytics, business process mapping and modeling, site intelligence, smart workflows and integration with solutions intended to help advance the site identification, feasibility and activation process.

When you work with LINEA, your team will enjoy higher productivity with renewed clarity and an objective approach to startup of clinical trials eliminating cost overruns and unnecessary delays.

Our Story


LINEA System is a clinical service and technology firm working with pharma to speed clinical trial start up and site identification . LINEA was founded in 2007 to provide a service that is urgently needed in the pharma industry: recruiting the right sites to meet patient recruitment targets in the clinical trials.  I have spent my working career in life sciences – much of it in drug development running the clinical trials. The forming of LINEA was based on drawing from my own clinical experience and first-hand challenges with patient recruitment and clinical trial startup.

Our first patient recruitment project was granted by a small biotech and it involved referring patients to sites supporting a pivotal trial. This experience was successful and we realized that although finding the patients was great, we still needed good sites to enroll the patients. We focused our services on identifying and recommending highly qualified sites based on self-reporting data, and yet there was still a gap in the site’s ability to put patients on trial.  We started conducting research on how to improve site identification by leveraging big data and technology. From the result of this extensive research and a major technology development project, emerged a system that objectively identifies the right sites and eases the activation process, AcceleTrialTM.

Many vendors in the market have nice outputs but their core data quality doesn’t change –still self-identified and subjective. These vendors have nice presentation layers and they make it easy to access and integrate – yet the problem is not fixed. Why? Self-identified data that is not objective leads to gaps in results.  What if you could go further with data quality and gaining intelligence on the sites that would take the guess work out of the site’s ability to contribute patients? That is exactly what we did and perfected site identification and activation using AcceleTrialTM.

Why did we decide to take on a monumental problem in this industry and try to solve it?

The answer is simple. We believe the best opportunity to improve clinical trials is in site identification and trial startup. If the clinical trial startup is quicker and contains better sites, great things happen for sponsors and more importantly for the patients. We believe AcceleTrialTM can make an industry wide impact on the clinical trial process and accelerating the rate of bringing new medicines to market. 

- Kathleen Colatrella, Founder and President